History of Julius Meinl

The history of Julius Meinl is quite deep-rooted and dates back to 1862. The company was founded by Julius Meinl I in Vienna, Austria. Here is the history of Julius Meinl:

– 1862: Julius Meinl I officially entered the coffee business by opening a coffee shop in Vienna.

– 1889: Julius Meinl II took over the company from his father and expanded the business. A luxury coffee shop opened by Julius Meinl II in Vienna attracted great attention.

– 20th century: Julius Meinl turned his coffee business into an international brand. The company began trading coffee around the world and gained a reputation for offering high-quality coffee beans.

– 21st century: Julius Meinl maintained its leading position in the coffee industry and continued to serve with coffee products and coffee shops in many countries around the world. Additionally, he organized various events to promote coffee culture and associate it with his art.

Julius Meinl is considered a company with a deep-rooted history and long-standing experience in the coffee industry. It has historically been known for its emphasis on quality and passion for coffee and remains a respected brand in the coffee world.

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